FVE posvetovanje o anesteziji, napovednik dogodkov in druge informacije

23. 4. 2020
FVE posvetovanje o anesteziji, napovednik dogodkov in druge informacije

FVE position paper on anaesthesia

The FVE Board decided to prolong (due to COVID) the consultation on the FVE draft position paper on the use of anaesthesia. The background of such paper comes from the evidence that more countries are considering the possibility to allow non-veterinarians, i.e. persons with no academic medical training (such as farmers) to administer anaesthesia themselves for surgery on their animals.

FVE is very concerned with this evolution and considers this practice endangering animal health, animal welfare, operator safety and in some cases, the environment. Please submit your comments before end of April to ulrike@fve.org 

Croatian Presidency online-event on illegal trade of pets 

On the 21st of April FVE participated in the online workshop "Illegal Pet Trade: game over” organised by the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and the Eurogroup for Animals. Experts from European institutions, Member States, NGOs and academia discussed possible action points to tackle the issue, such as the traceability of animals, sellers and breeders through I&R and the integration of all European I&R databases.

Consumer education, online platforms and organised crime were also discussed.

The conclusions of the workshop will be published in a report next month, and the outcomes will feed future legal work on the matter.

Click here for more info on the HR presidency website 

European Coordinating Committee on Veterinary Training (ECCVT)

The ECCVT held their first meeting for 2020 online. Two new members joined the Committee, namely Stanislaw Winiarczyk (FVE) and Mojžišová Jana (EAEVE). IVSA representatives also joined the meeting to further collaborate on veterinary graduates and career paths. Key issue on the ECCVT agenda was the assessment of VetCEE after the first five years of establishment and future strategic objectives. ECCVT Member-organisations agreed that VetCEE mission is very important for the profession and called on VetCEE to draft an activity and business plan with three strategic objectives: become a leader in accrediting CPD quality, set up a system of mutual recognition of CPD across Europe, extend the scope of the mission to accredit all kind of CPD.

The group agreed that the working group on digital technologies and artificial intelligence will meet in May and soon ECCVT will launch the new website. 

36th WVA Congress goes live on your computer

The World Veterinary Association and the New Zealand Veterinary Association had planned a superb congress in New Zealand, which due to COVID could not go ahead. Not wanting to loose this opportunity, it was now agreed to host a virtual congress in partnership with the Webinar Vet. They will start a huge line-up of speakers starting internationally on 25 April to coincide with World Veterinary Day. The virtual WVAC2020 will include over 54 speakers and 100 hours of continuing professional development either live or as recorded lectures. Read more 

To benefit from reduced fee (25 April to 15 May 2020) plus 6 months access to the congress content, WVA members can register here 

WVA Members can also join the following events for free:

WVA Summit on One Health – 25 April, 8 pm Brussels time - more info 
Welfare of Equine and Donkeys – 2nd May, 8 pm Brussels time  - more info